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Cincinnati Fire Damage: Article About Cleaning Up After A Fire

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When fire has ravaged your home, the damage can be dreadful. Any attempt at clean up may seem useless. As you rummage through your possessions looking for anything that can be salvaged, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. You can rest assured that restoration experts are nearby and ready to help. While your first order of business is to call a Cincinnati fire damage company for assistance, you should start the cleaning process soon after. Your quick action can prevent permanent damage.

Make sure that the room is properly ventilated before you begin your work. A dust mask, along with rubber gloves and long sleeves, will protect you from harmful debris. If you are cleaning a structure that was built before 1970, then you may be in danger of breathing in airborne asbestos. As soon as the fire is extinguished, your appliances and similar items may begin to yellow from smoke damage. Acid residue will stain your bathroom fixtures after a few hours unless you've thoroughly wiped them down. Even walls will develop a yellow tint if they are not cleansed immediately. Metal objects will rust from the acid without adequate care; a thin layer of cooking oil can make a difference.

The floors, upholstery, and draperies must be carefully vacuumed.

A fire damage expert from Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH would be happy to answer any question you have about fire and smoke restoration or fire and water cleanup.

Everything should be laundered as soon as possible. If you have access to a pressure washer, then use it for outside cleanup. Once you've done all that you can to avoid further damage, the restoration specialists will handle the rest. They will take care of any necessary deep cleaning so that your carpets, rugs and furnishings will not smell of smoke or gradually deteriorate from unseen damage. Items that are not too badly impaired can be sealed in order to trap the odor and prevent more contamination.

You will likely have an issue with flooding if firefighters have responded to the scene to put out the blaze. Chances are you'll need a professional to offset water damage and bring your home back to functionality. At some point, a deodorizing fog will be required for fumigation purposes. However, don't get rid of odors that alert you to dangerous fumes until significant cleanup has been accomplished. A dehumidifier should be utilized as early as possible if water is present. By taking the appropriate measures, you can reduce the long-term expense of recovery from a fire's destruction. The key is a prompt response from both the homeowner and the fire restoration company.

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