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Cincinnati Fire Damage: Article About Fire Sprinklers

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Every year, an average of 414,000 fires occur in homes in the United States. These fires cause more than $7.5 billion in property damage and destroy thousands of houses. More than 2,875 deaths were caused by house fires in the year 2007, and an additional 14,000 people were injured as the result of their home catching on fire. While sprinkler systems used to only be available for large buildings like offices, shopping centers and schools, they are now being manufactured for use in houses. An experienced Cincinnati fire damage contractor can assess a home's need for one of these systems and make recommendations based on the home's exterior and interior building materials, age, appliances and other factors that increase a structure's risk of a fire.

There are many benefits to installing a home sprinkler system. These devices can be wired into a home's high-tech control panel that also coordinates its security, heating, air conditioning, electrical and lighting equipment. These systems have built-in technology that only triggers their operation if a specific temperature threshold is reached. This eliminates accidental triggering of the sprinklers and reduces false alarm calls to the fire department.

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If the system is triggered, it can be set to automatically send an alarm to the 911 emergency response center, local fire department and the homeowners. The systems allow for the independent activation of each sprinkler head, which can help to minimize the water damage resulting from activating all of the sprinklers in a house.

Having a sprinkler system installed in a house may also lower the homeowner's insurance premiums. Many insurance agencies offer discounts because the presence of these systems reduces the amount of damage that can be caused by a fire. Studies of commercial and residential structures show that more than 90 percent of fires were contained by the operation of just one sprinkler head.

Sprinkler systems also make a home safer. In rural areas, it can take up to 20 minutes for a fire truck to arrive at a house and begin attempting to contain a fire. By this time, the whole home could be up in flames. The sprinklers also give the home's residents more time to get out safely.

Fire remediation contractors can install chloro-polyvinyl chloride pipes for a fire sprinkler system in any size or style of home. The easiest time to do this is when a house is being repaired due to existing fire damage. A sprinkler system can also be installed during a home remodeling or renovation project.

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