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Cincinnati Fire Damage: Article About Handling Smoke Damage

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Once a fire is put out, the process of repairing the damage done should begin immediately. Smoke and soot continue to damage a home even after the fire is gone. If not dealt with promptly, whatever did manage to survive the blaze will be permanently ruined by the smoke and soot left behind. There are some immediate steps a homeowner can take to help deal with smoke damage, but the majority of restoration should be done by a professional Cincinnati fire damage restoration service.

As soon as it is safe to reenter the building, owners should get ventilation flowing through the house. Open every possible window or vent and use fans or blowers to start getting the smoke out of the house. If possible, use only battery operated devices. Even if electricity is still available in the building, the wiring may be damaged. Attempting to turn on electrical appliances or use outlets of any kind may start a new fire.

Brass and copper items must be cared for immediately. Smoke will etch these items within 24 hours if they are not cleaned and removed from a smoky environment. They can be cleaned using normal brass or copper cleaning solvents.

Soot and smoke cause incredible damage to textiles, upholstery and carpets.

A fire damage expert from Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH would be happy to answer any question you have about fire and water cleanup or emergency services.

A homeowner should never attempt to clean these items themselves. Improper cleaning or deodorizing can set in the stains and smells of smoke, permanently ruining the item. Regular household air and fabric deodorizers will not be effective against severely smoke damaged fabrics. A professional service will use a heavy duty vacuum to remove excess soot. They will then apply counteractants or ozone treatments to the affected items to fully and permanently remove the smoke stains and odor.

Water should not be used to clean soot or smoke damage from walls or items. Smoke is oily and will resist water based cleaning and products. A homeowner should not attempt to clean or wipe down any item in the home. A professional cleaner will use various chemicals that are effective at breaking down soot and smoke residue. A homeowner can help by covering any undamaged items with plastic sheets and covering the legs of undamaged furniture with foil. Undamaged items can also be removed from the building entirely. An owner should keep in mind that even if an item appears undamaged, it may still have a small amount of smoke residue or odor that needs professional treatment.

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