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Cincinnati Fire Damage: Article About How To Handle Fire Damage

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A fire in your home could cause a lot of damage. According to the National Fire Protection Association, property damage from house fires costs almost $7 billion per year. Many things that the fire didn't burn are ruined by smoke or the water used to put out the flames. You may also see mold and mildew on damp items. Firefighters often cut holes in walls to look for hidden flames, and they might even cut holes in your roof to let out heat and smoke. Even for a small fire, you should contact an experienced Cincinnati fire damage professional to restore your home to its previous condition. Here are some helpful tips on handling fire damage.

Don't go into a damaged home unless the fire department says it's safe. Even if the fire looks like it's out, it could start again, and your roof or floors could collapse. The fire department will make sure that utilities like gas are safe to use, and they'll turn them off if needed. Don't try to turn anything back on without having a professional repair it. Let your police department know if you'll be away from your home until repairs are made.

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You may need to board up windows and other openings to prevent break-ins.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim and get repairs started. If you wait to repair fire damage, you could have to pay more because of additional damage from rain or mold. Many insurance providers will ask you for a list of everything the fire damaged or destroyed along with the cost of those items. Save the receipts for any repairs or items you replace so your insurance company can reimburse you.

If your home is safe to enter, you can clean soot from hard surfaces like counters, vacuum floors and upholstery and wash clothing and other items that can be laundered. Always wear a dust mask, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and pants to protect yourself from ash and other contaminants. Open windows and doors for ventilation and to help eliminate odors. Fire damage professionals often use mechanical ventilation systems. Don't try to clean wood cabinets, walls or other porous materials or surfaces yourself. Get rid of carpeting, furniture and other items with severe smoke or fire damage. Don't eat food that was exposed to heat, including canned goods, and have all your electronic items and appliances cleaned by a professional before you turn them on.

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