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Cincinnati Fire Damage: Article About Professional Fire Restoration Work

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When a home catches on fire, the threat of damage is not over when the flames stop burning. Damage from smoke and ash can create serious structural problems over the next several days or weeks. Therefore, it is worthwhile to call in a Cincinnati fire damage professional to start removing smoke and ash, which may help save items within the home.

If ash or smoke lingers in a home, significant damage can occur on vinyl or metal surfaces. Within a few days, smoke can permanently discolor appliances and other surfaces within the home. The same may be true for carpets, bedding and any clothing that has been exposed to smoke or ash.

The area with the closest proximity to the fire is the area that is at highest risk for permanent damage. Plastic surfaces may have been partially melted in the blaze and may have suffered extreme discoloration. In addition to being harder to restore as more time passes, melted plastic smells awful and may release toxic chemicals as it breaks down. Melted wiring may also pose a spark risk, which has the potential to start another fire if it is not tended to as soon as possible.

Smoke that is allowed to linger in a home can penetrate carpeting, walls and furniture, causing a variety of problems.

A fire damage expert from Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH would be happy to answer any question you have about fire and water cleanup or tree removal.

This means that even after the smoke is cleared from the home, the smell could be ingrained into other surfaces. Homeowners may be forced to get rid of couches, refrigerators or carpets as part of the restoration project, which could result in thousands of dollars in additional expenses if restoration doesn't begin in a timely manner.

As ash spreads quickly through the air, the indoor air quality as well as interior surfaces maybe compromised. Therefore, even if a fire has only caused damage in one room of the home, other rooms remain vulnerable. While homeowners may be able to sweep up some of the ash, only a professional will have the tools necessary to remove all of it from the home before it can spread.

If floors, appliances or any other objects in the house need to be cleaned, a professional can do so on location. This will result in the work being completed in several hours instead of several days, which may increase the odds that an expensive object like a leather couch or a new refrigerator can be salvaged before it's too late.

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