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Although a fire can occur in any home, the extent of the damage depends on several different factors. For instance, if a grease fire occurs, it can spread quickly throughout the home even if action is taken to put it out. This is because most grease fires take place in kitchens where there are many flammable surfaces.

If there is no sprinkler system installed in a home, the fire can continue unabated until the fire department arrives or the fire burns itself out. In such a scenario, items such as appliances, carpets and walls that could otherwise be restored could be damaged beyond repair. Homeowners who have valuables such as gold bars, jewelry or rare paintings in the home could lose their belongings if the fire isn't contained soon enough. Overall, this could translate into thousands of dollars in damage that may or may not be covered by an insurance policy.

While a Cincinnati fire damage specialist can help restore damage done in a fire, it is best to call for help as soon as possible.

A fire damage expert from Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH would be happy to answer any question you have about fire and smoke restoration or emergency services.

Waiting more than 24 hours after a fire has occurred to call for help could make it harder to restore walls and other surfaces that maintain the home's structural integrity. Although metal, brick and treated wood surfaces may be fire retardant, soot and ash could still cause etching and corrosion that can eat away at their surfaces. Corrosion could make these surfaces more vulnerable to fire damage in the future as well as cause permanent discoloring of metal or brick.

In some cases, fire damage cannot be easily repaired if water damage is also present. Water damage may occur during the process of attempting to put the fire out. If a homeowner has a sprinkler system, sprinklers could go off throughout the house even if the fire is restricted to just one room or floor of the house. Furthermore, firefighters may use several gallons of water or more when they are trying to put a fire out.

In addition to the flammable surfaces in a home, a gas furnace or water heater could explode if the temperature in the home gets too high. This could quickly turn a localized fire into a blaze that could engulf the entire home. Space heaters that are powered by lighter fluid or other flammable liquids could be a prime location for a fire to start and quickly spread throughout a residential property.

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