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Cincinnati Mold Remediation: Article About Causes Of Mold Growth

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Mold can be a silent and damaging element in the home. Although mold can be problematic enough to cause serious structural damage, it is often so hidden that homeowners do not notice it growing until it has become a significant issue. Mold can result in weakness around walls, ceilings, rooftops, and other structural elements. If left untreated, mold can also release copious amounts of spores into the environment, resulting in health problems. In order for Cincinnati mold remediation specialists to help clients with mold problems, it is crucial for homeowners to understand some of the causes of mold and how to look for signs that indicate they may have a problem.

All mold spores need the right environment in order to grow. Mold needs to grow on a solid food source such as cotton, drywall, or wood. In fact, as long is the surface contains some type of organic material, mold can grow on it. Mold also needs to be able to grow in darkness. It cannot grow when it is in the presence of ultraviolet light, so homes with plenty of nooks and crannies are often the most at risk for mold infestations.

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It is also extremely difficult for mold to grow without warmth and oxygen. While some molds may be able to grow in cooler climates, mold cannot grow in freezing temperatures. It needs a warmer environment to achieve its ideal rate of growth. Finally, all molds need a moisture element present. It is not uncommon for mold to grow in areas with leaks, such as those that are close to downspouts, underneath the roof, and in a home's crawlspace.

One of the biggest accelerators of mold growth is humidity. During the summer and late spring, the rising levels of humidity can result in a tremendous amount of mold, particularly around areas with poor ventilation. To combat such problems, homeowners are encouraged to improve the ventilation around their properties and reduce restrictions to internal airflow. It is not uncommon for some molds to grow on wet surfaces around the property as well. If moisture damage on the carpet is left untreated or fabrics and sections of upholstery remain unnecessarily wet throughout the day, mold can quickly grow and spread throughout the property. Additionally, leaky pipes and broken waterways around the house can result in a sudden mold infestation. Contacting the appropriate contractors is one thing homeowners can do to ensure that their homes' environments are not encouraging mold growth.

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