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Cincinnati Mold Remediation: Article About Keep Humidity Low To Prevent Mold

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Humidity breeds mold, and mold often creates serious problems for homeowners. Mold only needs three things to thrive: food, suitable temperatures, and moisture. When these factors combine, it may be necessary to call a Cincinnati mold remediation service. Most homes contain plentiful food in the form of wood, sheet rock and other materials. Many molds also enjoy the same temperature range as humans, so a homeowner's best line of defense is to limit the moisture in their home.

Mold doesn't require much water to form. Humidity levels over 50 percent provide enough for them to thrive. When the humidity climbs over this threshold, there may be some telltale signs. For example, wood floors may begin to warp a bit or the paint in a home may begin to peel. Homeowners may also begin to notice certain unpleasant odors.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can help to keep humidity levels low. Homeowners should keep in mind that mold is more of a problem in the summer months. In the winter, heaters tend to dry the air and take care of the problem. However, it's a good idea to be conscious of humidity levels throughout the entire year.

One symptom that often accompanies high humidity is high energy bills.

The mold remediation experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding wall and floor repair or other flooded basements.

That's because the moist air often enters the home from poorly sealed windows and doors. When occupants feel the humid air, they tend to turn up the AC. The cooling effect helps to dry the air, but it also uses more energy. Homeowners can solve this problem by scheduling an energy audit. The audit will pinpoint places where outside air is leaking in. Then, the seals can be replaced, reducing energy consumption as well as humidity levels, and making the home more comfortable in the process.

As stated before, air conditioners help to remove moisture from the air. Some homes may not have an AC unit, or it may not be hot enough to turn on. However, dehumidifiers work in a similar way. In either case, it's important to keep the unit maintained. The resident should make sure the system remains clean and empty the drip pan frequently.

Finally, it's important to check the home for any damp spots. Not only do the wet areas breed mildew, but that moisture will evaporate and cause humid air. Bathrooms, closets, basements, and piles of clothes or debris should all be inspected. Once these areas are identified, they can be cleaned and aired out using a fan or other air flow.

Mold can wreak havoc on a home, but it is easy to avoid when the homeowner is familiar with the causes and knowledgeable about solutions.

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