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Cincinnati Mold Remediation: Article About Mold Fundamentals

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In order to maintain a healthy atmosphere at home, homeowners should learn some fundamental information about mold and the problems it can cause. If a mold problem is suspected, it would be wise to contact a Cincinnati mold remediation specialist for professional advice. That way, the mold problem can either be confirmed or ruled out. If mold is present, a game plan can be developed for its removal. If there is no mold problem, it is still good to learn about the causes in order to avoid a future problem.

The key to preventing mold growth inside the home is to make sure surfaces remain dry. Whenever surfaces become and remain wet due to a leak or other cause, mold spores that land on them will begin to multiply. When this happens, the material on which the mold is growing will, over time, begin to break down. This can actually be a benefit outdoors due to the natural breakdown of things like fallen tree limbs. Indoors, however, mold growth should be avoided to preserve the home and to prevent health problems that can develop due to mold.

The mold remediation experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or other emergency services.

Sensitive individuals can have allergic reactions like sneezing, runny noses, irritated eyes and even skin irritations. Individuals with asthma may find that mold exposure triggers attacks.

If mold growth is detected inside the home, it is important to act quickly because the longer it remains, the more damage it will do. The question homeowners must answer is whether to contract the job out or do it themselves. The EPA recommends that if the mold covers an area of greater than 10 square feet, it is better to leave the remediation to the professionals. There are other times when it is best to get professional help regardless of the amount of mold present. If the moisture is coming from a toilet leak or other contaminated water, it could be dangerous for persons without proper training and equipment to tackle the problem themselves. If there is structural damage, the project will involve more than just the mold cleanup. Another situation that will likely require help from a specialist is when mold is seen near air intakes. This could mean the ducts need to be cleaned.

It is important to note that until the moisture or water problem is solved, the cleanup should not be considered complete. The continued presence of wet surfaces means the mold is likely to return.

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