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Mold is a common problem in homes. It can grow almost anywhere from bathrooms to basements or even in a ceiling. While homeowners may believe that they can clean it from walls with some soap and water, that is not always the case. Those who believe that they have a serious mold problem should call a Cincinnati mold remediation professional immediately. What are some signs that mold may be present in a home?

A common sign of mold is the presence of a strong musky odor. It can easily be distinguished from clean air or other common odors that a person or pet may give off. It may also have a somewhat earthy smell to it as well. Therefore, even if you can't see mold, you should consider that it may be present if you can smell it.

What does mold look like? It may come in black, green or white blotches on a wall or any other surface that it is growing on. Those who notice that a wall is stained or discolored may want to consider the possibility of hidden mold. Hidden mold is just as dangerous as regular mold and should only be removed by a professional.

If water damage has occurred anywhere in a home, it is a good bet that mold may be growing.

The mold remediation experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding emergency services or other wall and floor repair.

Therefore, it may be best to call in a professional after a flood, a water main break or anything else that may have caused large amounts of water to enter a home. Whether it stays for a few hours before draining away from the property or pools and lingers there for days, mold can easily develop.

In addition to moisture, mold tends to thrive in areas that are dark. This means that surfaces in basements and attics may be especially vulnerable because they receive little light. However, any portion of a room that does not receive light can be a place where mold wants to grow. This is why some homeowners see mold on the corners of a roof or even along the siding of their home.

Mold doesn't have to originate on the property where it is found. Homeowners who notice mold on a neighboring home may want to take proactive measures such as regular exterior washing or cutting down trees. This may help to ensure that spores are not able to spread from a nearby home to their homes through the air.

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