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Cincinnati Mold Remediation: Article About Warning Signs For Mold

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If your home has flooded or had a major leak, you likely know that cleanup can be a major pain. In some cases, you may not have the time to clean up until much later. While water damage alone can be problematic, there is another hidden danger that could become apparent later on. If the moisture is left to sit in your home for even a few days, you could end up with mold problems. A Cincinnati mold remediation specialist can help you with any cleanup you may have. In the meantime, knowing the signs of mold in your home can save you some headaches.

One of the first signs that you have mold growth in your home is to search for it by smell. Mold has a very particular wet or musty smell that is easy to identify. If, for example, you walk into your basement and it smells different than what it normally smells like, you may want to investigate further. In many cases, you'll smell the mold before you actually see it, so do not ignore it.

Visible mold is an obvious sign that your home has a mold problem.

The mold remediation experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding contents restoration or other flooded basements.

However, some mold can actually be difficult to notice if you are not looking for it. At the start of the problem, the mold patches may look like dirt or scuff marks. However, these small patches can quickly spread and begin to release mold spores. Further, it is likely that the visible mold is only a small part of the growth that can be seen. It is likely that there is more mold in the home that will need to be removed.

Small water problems and leaks are also an indication that the home has some mold problems. Mold needs moisture to survive. If there is a small leak that is constantly providing moisture, chances are mold has taken advantage of it. Signs of water problems could include wet ceilings, wet walls, peeling or bubbling paint and even warped flooring. If the leaks are caused by plumbing issues, chances are that the mold will be hidden from view until you go looking for it.

For many homeowners, mold is a very serious problem. If it is not taken care of quickly, family members could suffer illnesses and serious allergy symptoms. Additionally, homeowners may often face expensive repairs to walls, ceilings and floors. Contacting a mold remediation specialist as soon as there are any indications of mold can potentially save you time and money.

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