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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Carpet Water Damage Restoration

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Whether it is a result of flooding, a leaking water heater or compromised roofing, water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to a home. It can rot the siding, damage hardwood floors and wreak havoc with carpeting. Water damage is a serious issue that must be dealt with professionally. Contact a Cincinnati water damage restoration contractor immediately to address the issue.

Carpets are typically composed of strong fibers and will not necessarily be irreparably damaged by flooding. However, carpets that have become wet can lead to mold very quickly, even in 24 hours or less. Furthermore, they trap water underneath the carpet, which can lead to mold and rot of the floorboards.

The first step in restoring a carpet is to dry it. It is essential to remove as much moisture as possible. This should be handled before the contractor arrives. If it is possible, try to vacuum up the water using a specialized vacuum. Rent one if necessary. Open up the windows and place fans in the room to accelerate the drying process. If possible, use a dehumidifier as well. Renting this equipment can be expensive, but it is cheaper than replacing the entire carpet.

Once the contractor has arrived, he or she will remove the carpet and dispose of the carpet pad.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or fire and water cleanup.

Although it is possible to dry the pads as well, carpet padding is inexpensive to replace and it is safer to do so than simply drying it. Once the carpet has been removed, it should be steam cleaned. If the contractor is unable to do this, it should be taken to a professional cleaning company.

The contractor will then inspect the walls and moldings for signs of water damage. The moldings will have to be removed, as they can trap water inside of them. Any damage will need to be repaired, and depending on the condition of the molding, it may have to be replaced. Once the room has been dried and the damage restored, new padding can be installed and the newly cleaned carpet restored.

The steps outlined above assume that the water damage was caused by sanitary flooding. Unfortunately, sometimes water damage is the result of unsanitary flooding. If this is the case, harmful pathogens may already be growing in the carpet and padding, and it may be necessary to dispose of the carpet before the rest of the room can be assessed for water damage.

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