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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Choosing A Water Damage Contractor

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Having to deal with a water emergency, such as flooding or water damage from broken appliances and plumbing, can be very stressful. One thing that can greatly compound that stress is struggling with an unreliable restoration contractor. When looking to hire a Cincinnati water damage professional, there are several things homeowners can do to help them make the right choice.

Be sure to choose a restoration professional who specifically has training and experience making repairs related to water emergencies. Water extraction is a staple service among water damage companies, but there is more to mitigating a water emergency than removing moisture from inside a home. Flooring, wall and ceiling repair, dehumidification, debris removal, odor and mold elimination are additional services that are often needed in a water-damaged home. Unusual odors can indicate that mold growth is present within the home, which can pose a threat to the health of the home's occupants. Homeowners should be on the lookout for dark stains on the walls or ceiling.

It is best to avoid turning to a cleaning service when dealing with water damage.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or sump pump back ups.

While they may be able to get carpets to look better and get things organized, they won't be able to properly remove water from the floors, walls and underneath the home because they usually don't have the right skill set or equipment, such as heavy-duty extractors and air scrubbers. Water damage restoration experts have the right tools to tackle water emergencies. They can make the proper repairs and will help ensure that no mold, mildew or other hazards remain in the home.

When choosing a restoration contractor or water damage professional, it's a good idea to ask questions to gauge their experience. Homeowners can inquire how long the company or technician has been in business, how much experience they have dealing with water damage or flooding and if they have success navigating insurance claims. The latter is especially important for homeowners who plan to use their insurance policy to help pay for their home's restoration, water extraction or repair due to water damage. In some states, it's possible to see if a contractor has had complaints filed with the Office of Consumer Affairs or Department of Insurance. Checking these sources is a way to find out if the contractor being considered is reputable, reliable and trustworthy.

By making informed decisions, homeowners will have more peace of mind that the water damage contractor they choose will be capable of making proper, safe repairs.

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