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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Classifications Of Water Damage

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When a home experiences water damage, professionals need to act fast to reduce structural damage and prevent harmful mold from growing. Cincinnati water damage professionals will examine the extent of water damage prior to restoration. This helps them better understand how to proceed with restoration and what types of equipment will be needed. Professionals use a classification system to rate the extent of the damage.

Class 1 water damage is generally considered to be the easiest to deal with due to the amount of water and how it infiltrated the home. In these cases, only a small amount of water has entered the home and caused damage to a single room or confined area. Furthermore, the affected area doesn't include absorbent material. Instead, the water has only affected materials in the home with low permeability, such as concrete. This means that most of the water is easily removed. There isn't a lot of absorbed water that needs to be evaporated out of the home.

If the affected area is considerably larger, it is considered to be class 2 water damage. Class 2 damage also means that the water has affected materials of medium absorption, like carpet and drywall.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or flooded basements.

Generally, the damage is in a confined area due to absorption into the materials. If the water flowed across the floor of a room, it may start to wick up the wall by at least a foot. When most of the water is removed, areas will still be damp due to absorption. The rest of this water will need to be removed via evaporation. This process is a bit lengthier and requires special tools and equipment.

Significant water damage is considered to be class 3. Homes with class 3 damage have the highest rate of damage in terms of materials. The water may have soaked into most of the absorbent materials in the space, including carpets, subfloor, drywall, insulation, ceilings and more. Homes that experience significant roof leaks often have class 3 damage due to how the water entered the space. Professionals will need to use high powered air movers to remove water quickly and avoid rot and mold.

Class 4 damage is for special cases that differ from traditional forms of water damage. Typically, class 4 damage involves a substantial amount water that has sat long enough to permeate materials with low absorption. Once water has saturated building materials with low absorption, such as stone, it becomes trapped and very difficult to remove. Restoration is a lengthy process that involves special methods.

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