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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Common Causes Of Water Damage

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While water damage sometimes occurs from a leaking roof or violent storm, it may also come from inside the home. A leaking dishwasher, for example, can cause the flooring in the kitchen to buckle and disintegrate. A broken pipe inside a wall might result in drywall deterioration or mold growth if not caught quickly. A house fire is also likely if the wet wiring begins to spark and short out. Backed up plumping or a leaky water heater could damage the bathroom furnishings before the problem is even discovered.

Hiring a Cincinnati water damage restoration company to evaluate the situation, find the leak or problem and restore the home to normal can alleviate much of the stress involved in cleaning up the mess. In addition, a professional contractor will have the essential knowledge and experience to repair a damaged pipe and replace the damaged walls. Once a home has sustained water damage, it's essential to begin safety practices, water extraction and clean up right away. The longer homeowners wait to call in a restoration company, the more extensive and costly the destruction will be.

In icy climates, a common cause of water damage is frozen pipes. Pipes that freeze during the winter are likely to crack due to the way the ice swells and puts pressure on the pipe.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooding damage.

Once the frozen pipe thaws, water will begin leaking. If the pipe is inside a wall, quite a bit of harm can occur before the leak becomes visible. Homeowners should watch for increased water bills or moisture appearing on the walls or ceiling. Such problems can sometimes be avoided by allowing the water to drip from a faucet throughout the night when temperatures drop below freezing.

Health concerns depend on the type of water damage that has occurred. If the water is clean, there will be no threat to the family. This type of water damage often occurs when the kitchen sink overflows due to a clogged pipe or the washer machine leaks from the bottom. While the damage can still be extensive if the water from the overflowing sink saturates a piece of carpeting or the washer machine is located on an upper floor, the water itself won't be contaminated, as it would be if the toilet overflowed.

Homeowners can avoid extensive kitchen or bathroom repairs by having the plumbing inspected periodically and any small leaks corrected by a restoration company before they grow into larger problems.

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