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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Concerns Associated With Flooding

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Water has destructive properties that must not be underestimated. Even a few inches of standing water can cause serious problems in the home, so any flooding problems must be addressed as soon as possible. As water is allowed to sit, the damage will grow worse and ultimately lead to serious structural problems and the development of mold. Cincinnati water damage can prove to be very extensive, even after mild flooding.

Water will soak into any porous surface, including baseboards, wood, carpeting and sheetrock. Some items, like upholstered furniture, will be ruined by any amount of standing water as it wicks up through the fabric and deeper into the core. Other materials, like wood flooring and cabinets, may be salvaged through prompt responses and the use of dehumidifiers.

Flowing along the path of least resistance, water can seep through microscopic cracks and soak through any porous materials. This allows it to get inside walls, behind cabinets, and in other areas that are difficult to clean and dry. If the water is not completely removed, it will gradually rot all of these materials. The result can be a home that's structurally compromised and in need of extensive repairs.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or sump pump back ups.

One of the biggest fears with standing water is the development of mold. Hidden behind walls and furniture, it can spread unchecked. Microscopic spores break and drift through the area, and that poses a threat to people in the home. The mold can also cause structural damage, as impacted areas may have to be cut out and physically removed by specialists.

The final big concern is the bacteria that's present in any dirty water. If a sewer has backed up into the home, then special care must be taken to eliminate the bacteria while also removing the water. Hard surfaces can be bleached and disinfected afterwards, but most porous or soft materials will just have to be replaced. Even clean water that came from a fresh supply line can quickly become contaminated as it drifts through a space and picks up dirt and bacteria from floors, forgotten corners, bathrooms and other areas in the home. As water sits, the bacteria problem will only grow.

People can protect themselves by responding to any flooding situation quickly. Prompt cleanup is simply the best way to minimize the damage and reduce the overall repair costs. While there are steps that homeowners can take, they may still wind up working with professionals to address some aspects of situation.

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