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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Dealing With A Burst Waterline

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A burst water pipe can create a mess that can be quite costly to clean and repair if not done correctly. In fact, even a small amount of water can easily begin to cause mold and mildew to grow in all areas of a home after only a few hours of exposure.

When this happens, it is best to contact a trusted Cincinnati water damage company to help take care of the damage caused by the standing water. Their advanced equipment and cleaning techniques will be more cost effective than the homeowner attempting the clean-up himself, and they have the knowledge to thoroughly inspect the home for damage that is not obvious to prevent continued devastation to the home. The water restoration company will also be able to help deal with the insurance company and expedite the adjuster's approval of the cleaning process.

Safety will be a big concern after a burst water pipe. It is important to know that certain areas are safe to walk in and that there is no exposure to mold and mildew. The restoration company will know how to assess the situation and protect the residents of the home from potential injury.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding sump pump back ups or flooding damage.

Once the home is secure, the main focus will be to pump out all the standing water from inside the home. Specialized equipment will be needed to be sure that all water is completely removed from the obviously affected areas and any hidden spaces like the sub flooring.

Most would think the furniture or carpeting that has been exposed to standing water for any amount of time would have to be replaced. However, the restoration company can do amazing things to repair the damage and make it look as though it never happened. In many cases, the carpeting will not even have to be removed from the home, With specialized drying equipment that dries from underneath the floor covering, the carpet can be completely cleaned, dried, and restored in many cases.

The restoration company will also examine the sub flooring, walls, and other structures of the home to make sure they have not been damaged beyond repair. In many situations, the restoration company will be able to remove and repair only the damaged areas and help prevent the homeowner from having to replace the total structures.

The final step the restoration company will take is utilizing commercial dehumidifiers and desiccant materials to remove any last traces of moisture to make sure the home remains completely dry. This equipment may be left in the home for several days to be sure the home is protected from further damage.

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