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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Discarding Water Damaged Items

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After suffering Cincinnati water damage, one of the biggest decisions a homeowner will have involves keeping or discarding certain items. Knowing when it is safe to keep water-damaged items can be difficult, so here are some guidelines for people to follow.

Any items that have been affected by sludge should be immediately discarded. This includes clothing, books, cookware, dishes and other household items. Even after a thorough cleaning, these items may be unsanitary to use and can negatively affect the health of everyone in the household.

When it comes to furniture, the degree to which it is soaked will largely determine whether or not it can be salvaged. Upholstered furniture that has become extremely soaked or shows signs of mold should be discarded. Pieces that have become only moderately wet can often be cleaned and then allowed to air out.

Appliances should first be inspected to determine the degree of water damage they have experienced. Even if it appears that an appliance was only moderately affected, it is still important to have an electrician verify that it is safe to use; otherwise, the homeowner could suffer electrical shock.

Any food that is not enclosed in sealed metal cans or glass jars should be thrown away immediately. This includes fresh produce, meat, bread and eggs.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

Airtight metal or glass containers that contain food should be thoroughly disinfected prior to opening. Homeowners should also make sure that metal containers and the lids on glass jars are free of rust.

Most clothing, rugs, towels and household linens can be saved. These items will need to be washed in a washing machine or professionally dry cleaned. More than one washing or dry cleaning may be necessary in order to completely remove any musty odors. Items that are stained or covered in mold are not capable of being cleaned and should therefore be thrown away.

Books, photographs and paper documents may be dried in the sun. For best results, they should be laid in a single layer on top of a tarp. Books should be propped open if they contain a number of wet pages.

When in doubt, individuals should err on the side of caution and discard water-damaged items. Doing so will reduce the odds of mold forming inside the home that could ultimately cause people a great deal of health problems. Those who cannot bear to part with sentimental items may want to consider having them professionally restored instead of trying to clean them themselves.

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