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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Early Steps To Minimize Water Damage

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Cincinnati water damage professionals can help homeowners get their property back in order. However, in the event of widespread flooding, it may take some time for the professionals to arrive on site. When homeowners know what basic steps to take, they can start the process on their own and minimize the risk of damage to their personal property.

The first order of business is to ensure that the family is safe. If the water is confined to the basement, then all family members should be safely upstairs. If the water is rising to the point where it's touching electrical outlets or the panel box, then a call should be made to the fire department. They know how to safely disconnect power in these cases to keep the home safe from the added threat of fire.

If the flooded area is not in danger of reaching outlets and power sources, then homeowners can don their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and enter the water to start removing personal property. They can be stacked in any upper levels where the floodwater is not likely to reach. Anything left in the area is at risk for water damage because of the evaporation and condensation cycle.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding sump pump back ups or fire and water cleanup.

If possible, start by grabbing the items that will be the most difficult to replace. This includes pictures, family albums, heirlooms and antiques.

In some cases, it won't be realistic to remove the larger pieces of furniture. In this situation, try stacking pieces on the heavier items. Wood furniture that's exposed to standing water for a short time may dry out effectively, but any upholstered items that become saturated will typically have to be replaced.

This is also a good time to make a few phone calls. Rather than waiting for the rain to stop, people should call contractors right away to request service. There may already be a waiting list, and homeowners don't want to wait too long for assistance. The homeowners insurance should also be called. Even if homeowners don't have coverage for floods, they may find that their basement is covered under a sump pump clause if the flooding is the results of backed up sewers.

Once these steps are taken, the homeowners can sit back and wait for the storm to pass. In the case of blocked sewers, it's just a matter of time before the lines clear out and the water recedes. Once the water starts to go down on its own, then the homeowners and contractors can start working together to address the problem.

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