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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Four Common Causes Of Water Damage

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Many homeowners dread water damage. It can be costly to fix, difficult to detect and it causes more damage the longer it goes untreated. Water damage is a problem best solved by professionals, but homeowners can prevent some water related problems. Homeowners in Ohio should contact Cincinnati water damage professionals if they experience water damage.

One of the most common causes of water damage is washing machine failure. If the washing machine inlet hose bursts, a flooded laundry room is the inevitable result. A laundry room can be flooded in mere minutes, and the repairs can be costly and time consuming. To prevent water machine failures before they occur, homeowners should replace rubber hoses at regular intervals. Braided steel hoses are more durable, and they are a worthwhile upgrade. Homeowners should also turn off the water supply valve when going on extended trips, and they should never leave the washing machine running when no one is at home.

Sewer backups are another reason for water damage. This commonly occurs in older homes, especially when a house's sewer system is linked to the city's. It can also happen to houses located at the bottom of a steep incline or below street level. To prevent sewer backups from occurring, consult with a plumber about a backflow prevention assembly.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

This helps ensure that houses at risk for sewer backups are safe. Homeowners should also make sure there are no trees near lateral drain lines, as the roots can interfere with pipes.

There are several types of water heater failures, and they can all cause damage to houses. Some water heaters leak slowly, leading to damage that is at first imperceptible but nevertheless leaves it mark. Other water heaters burst unexpectedly, leading to immediate and expensive damage. To prevent water heater failures, homeowners should perform regular inspections of their heater. Check the heater's anode rod, inspect valves and flush any existing sediments. This can prolong the life of a water heater. Homeowners shouldn't expect their heaters to last beyond their stated warranty, however, and overusing an old water heater can lead to failures.

Clogged and overflowing toilets are a particularly unpleasant form of water damage. Homeowners should inspect the components of their toilets to prevent clogs and overflows. Check the valves, the supply line and the fill, and make any necessary repairs. In addition, if the toilet is threatening to overflow, makes sure the supply valve is turned off.

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