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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Hidden Dangers After A Flood

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The dangers of floods aren't limited to structural damage and drowning. Flood waters are quite dangerous to the health of people and animals because they're contaminated with sewage and other dangerous forms of waste, as well as creating the perfect conditions for significant mold and mildew growth and harboring displaced wildlife. Working closely with a Cincinnati water damage company will ensure homeowners are protecting the health of their families as they recover after a flood.

Floodwater carries debris a great distance and many homes become the final resting place for a variety of dangerous items. Murky waters hide nails, broken glass, sharp metal, trees and even furniture or appliances from other homes. Even if the water looks clear, homeowners should take great caution when entering floodwaters. A cut from glass or metal that is exposed to the bacteria ridden floodwater will cause a very dangerous infection.

Lead is an overlooked problem, even in historic homes. Most homes prior to the 1970s were painted with lead paint, and when that paint becomes water damaged, the lead will leach into the water.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

Homeowners or professionals working in historic homes should take the proper precautions with their clothing and protective gear to avoid contact with materials that could contain lead like lath, plaster and trim.

When homeowners think about the potential hazards lurking in standing water, they often overlook the possibility of wildlife in the water or hiding in debris. Homes in areas with snakes, especially with venomous species, should be handled carefully during the cleanup. Snakes get into homes through broken pipes or damaged exteriors and they tend to take cover in piles of debris. Workers need to use sticks or shovels to move debris and ensure their hands and feet are properly protected in case they run into a snake. It's wise to remove debris as quickly as possible to eliminate hiding spots for snakes and the vermin they eat.

A damp home will grow mold and mildew as soon as the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Drying the home out as quickly as possible will lessen how much mold is able to grow, as will removing wet objects before beginning the drying process. If a mold problem occurs before the cleanup starts, it should always be handled by experienced remediation experts.

The last thing homeowners need after a flood is to be injured during the cleanup. Flooding is dangerous both during and after the event, and many injuries are preventable when safety measures are carefully enforced.

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