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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Hidden Water Damage

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In a home, water damage problems come in all sizes, from those caused by small leaks under a sink to those resulting from a burst pipe or a major roof leak. While some types of water damage can be easy enough to spot, many forms of water damage can remain hidden inside the walls and crawl spaces or attics. This condition is more insidious than overt flooding because it can go undetected for longer periods of time and can eventually cause structural problems or mold issues. A qualified Cincinnati water damage professional can help assess if a house is experiencing damage caused by excess moisture.

Some signs that there is a problem with leaks or trapped water are obvious even to a non-expert. Musty odors in the house, water stains on ceilings, peeling wallpaper or water lines in closets are all good indicators that unwanted moisture is present. The best way to be certain and to identify exactly where the problem lies is with a home inspection.

Home restoration company technicians possess equipment such as hygrometers that help them zero in on where humidity exists even when it's out of sight. Infrared sensors can identify wall and floor temperatures that are lower than they should be due to cool trapped moisture or higher due to water escaping from hot water heaters.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or flooding damage.

Moisture meters help establish a baseline with a dry surface so it can be compared to the spots where leaks are suspected. This can be a convenient way of pinpointing damage to the home.

It will be imperative that the source of the excess water be discovered and corrected before any work is done to fix damaged areas or else the problem can recur. It's not always simple, as a leak inside a wall or behind a fireplace won't be as easy to spot as a hole in the attic or a cracked washing machine hose. Loose floor tiles or the sound of water running through pipes even when faucets are off are clues that can help pinpoint the moisture's origin.

Once the cause of the water damage has been taken care of, the contractors can proceed with the rest of the damage restoration. Hidden moisture problems escalate because leaks happen in tight spots, so extra effort may be required to completely dehumidify these spaces that don't ordinarily get any ventilation. Additionally, if the water damage was due to leaking sewage, decontamination will have to take place before repairs can begin.

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