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Many unfortunate elements can wear on a home, and one of the most costly ones remains water, which can cause serious damage. In the United States, millions of homeowners are affected by this type of hardship throughout the year. The most clear-cut root of it tends to be natural disasters like hurricanes. However, the more insidious threats already reside throughout the structure itself. Once these sometimes unseen threats are revealed, Cincinnati water damage professionals can assist in the restoration of any property damage that may have occurred. They will also consult with homeowners on what to look for to prevent these disastrous circumstances from happening again.

One of the most common causes of household water damage is sometimes merely accidental. It can range from an overflowed bathtub or sink to a backed up toilet. Either way, they are unfortunate everyday accidents that can cause a wet home. On the other hand, not all of the cases are simple mishaps. If there are children in the home, homeowners may find themselves on the end of a purposeful stuffing of those items from kids who tend to experiment with water.

Another cause of costly devastation is a leak. It can be obscure such as from the pipes. That can be brought on by a variety of things from temperature changes which can cause frozen pipes, to a failure in a hose attachment, to just general rust.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or fire and water cleanup.

More apparent leaks can come from the hoses of dishwashers that wear out, the icemakers on refrigerators, and even from washing machines where the water connections fail. Leaks have the ability to lay waste to a home, more so when it occurs when the homeowner is not present to catch it or if they are subtle like leaking pipes. The water can slip under the floorboards, overlooked until it is too late. One way to notice an understated pipe leak is to pay attention to the water from the tap; if the pressure appears off, or if there is any discoloration, these can be indicators of a leak.

Humidity is another source of water damage, more so from the basement. A long term amount of moisture in the air has the ability to seep into the wall, damaging it and even leading to the development of black mold. The usage of a dehumidifier can typically resolve the issue.

Water damages such as the ones listed above can occur in homes frequently. The best method of preventing them is to understand the signs and symptoms in order to catch any trace of disturbance before the water has a chance to do real harm.

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