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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About How To Minimize Water Damage

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No homeowner wants to deal with water damage, but, sometimes, it can't be helped. A hose bursts, a sewage system becomes damaged or a water heater fails. These situations can lead to expensive damage that can be time consuming to repair. In the event of an emergency, however, Ohio homeowners can minimize the damage with a few handy steps. Time is of the essence in flooding situations, however, and homeowners should contact a Cincinnati water damage expert as soon as possible after the impairment is discovered.

When a water emergency occurs, the first thing any homeowner should do is stop the water at its source. Turning off the water supply valve quickly can lessen the extent of the damage. After the water has been stopped, remember to turn off the circuit breakers and remove any electrical devices from the water-damaged room.

Once the water and electricity have been turned off, it is time to protect the carpet and furniture. Try not to walk on the carpet as this can exacerbate the damage. Remove furniture from the room if possible. If the pieces are too large to move, slide tin foil under the spots where the furniture comes into contact with the wet floor. This will help keep the furniture unblemished and free of stains.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooding damage.

Homeowners should also arrange furniture skirts and draperies so that they aren't touching the carpet. If they come into contact with the wet floor, they could develop permanent marks.

All valuable items should be moved from the room if possible. This is especially important for moisture sensitive items, like books and potted plants. Make sure to search the hidden crevices of the room for any item that might be lurking and place all these important objects in a dry, unaffected room.

When a water damage emergency crew arrives, they will most likely move all furniture out of the affected room. Homeowners should make sure there is space to move the furniture before the arrival of the emergency crew. This helps them to do their job more quickly and efficiently.

Homeowners shouldn't forget to maintain good hygiene. Anyone who touches affected items should wash their hands, and homeowners may want to make use of fans or air conditioners. If the water damage is related to sewage, circulating air with a fan can contaminate other areas of the house. Flooding isn't the end of the world, but it certainly is a hassle. Homeowners who experience any type of water damage should contact a professional immediately.

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