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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Living Arrangements During Restoration Work

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Anyone who's experienced the need for home renovations knows that the process can be stressful, and it's even more frustrating when the work is caused by natural disasters such as flooding or fire. Cincinnati water damage can force people out of their homes. Here are the factors that are taken into account when determining whether a house is still habitable while repairs are underway.

The first thing contractors will look at is the structural integrity of a home. In the case of a basement with a few inches or even feet of water, the home itself is still typically safe for habitation. However, this changes if the water has made contact with the main living area. In this case, the moisture in the area and threat of mold growth can force people to find other living arrangements. A boroscope or other tools may be used to look for hidden damage.

If it's determined that the home is structurally safe for people to remain inside, the next test is to look at the appliances. Residents need to have a basic working kitchen, a bathroom and a heating unit to safely remain in any property.

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If the flood has damaged the furnace or has left the entire kitchen out of commission, then the residents will need to make other living arrangements.

Professionals will also take a look at the electrical system. Water creeps into all areas of a home, and it can easily compromise lines and outlets. In some cases, there is a concern about fire hazards after the flood waters recede. Even if the home seems structurally sound and the appliances appear to be working, people should still live elsewhere until the workers can make the repairs and get the electrical lines secure.

There is also a convenience factor to consider when it comes to renovations. Furniture, appliances and cabinets all may have to be move as part of the renovations process. Some people may feel that it's simply too frustrating to live with the house in constant disarray. In this case, it may be less stressful to simply make arrangements for temporary housing while the demolition and repairs are underway.

Most contractors will work closely with the homeowners to explain the pros and cons of remaining in the home. In some cases, the residents will be forced out by uninhabitable conditions and others may choose to move out temporarily. Whether the owners remain in the property or not, they should work closely with the contractors to ensure that the project will still be finished on time and on budget.

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