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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Mold Detection

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When a pipe bursts within a wall or a roof leaks around protrusions like a chimney, detecting the resulting damage can be difficult. In some situations, homeowners might not even realize that they have had a leak until they start noticing water stains, discolored paint or the odors of mold and mildew coming from specific places in the house. To detect the presence of mold that cannot be seen without tearing into walls, Cincinnati water damage experts can use a variety of technological gadgets and tools that do not damage the home and allow for a prompt diagnosis of the problem.

Infrared thermal imaging is the primary diagnostic technology used by water damage restoration experts in order to detect mold growth and standing water within a wall, attic or crawl space. The professionals can simply use the camera to scan over suspected areas of damage. Every type of material has its own thermal signature. These are disrupted by the presence of moisture or the growth of mold. Variations of the temperature within a wall are a leading signature of mold growth.

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The infrared cameras are able to detect slight differences in temperature and create an image in visible colors so that the restoration workers can see the exact location of the mold growth and any leftover water.

Once an area of concern has been identified through the thermal imaging technique, then the restoration team can be more confident about making a hole into a wall in order to use a traditional recording camera. The camera's images provides visual confirmation of the presence of mold. Homeowners may wish to have environmental testing performed to check on the type of mold that is present.

There are many benefits to using thermal imaging followed up by video recordings. A noninvasive approach costs less and creates a minimal amount of disturbance to the home and its occupants. In addition to detecting mold, the thermal imaging equipment can also identify structural problems that have developed as the result of water damage. Catching these issues earlier rather than later helps to start the repair and restoration process faster so that the homeowners can get on with their lives.

Even if no mold or leftover water is found within the wall, the imaging studies can find potential problem spots such as missing insulation and cracks and crevices where the walls or ceilings are poorly sealed. These spots are the places where future water damage is most likely to occur.

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