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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Preparing For Frozen Pipe Damage

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When winter temperatures drop below freezing, home and business owners are at risk for frozen pipes. If frozen pipes crack or burst, the damage could be costly, especially if the family and company are not prepared for that messy event. Having a plan of action that can be implemented during emergency situations can reduce the water damage and loss to property and possessions that are bound to happen when you're not prepared. An action plan will also help to keep family members and employees calm.

The first step in any good action plan is to create a list of local Cincinnati water damage restoration companies that can be contacted should the pipes freeze. Having a list of trusted sources handy will enable home and business owners to save time and reduce stress during an emergency. Keeping the list in a common area that all family members or employees have access to is also essential since there's no way to predict just when a pipe might explode.

The next step is to become familiar with where the water main is so it can be quickly turned off if needed. A burst pipe can release several hundred gallons of water in a single hour. The faster the flow of water can be shut down, the less overall damage that will occur to the home or office building.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding sump pump back ups or flooding damage.

It's also a good idea to have family members and employees practice turning off the water. If the process is familiar to them, they will be more likely to remember how to do it during extreme times of stress.

Education is essential to prevent unnecessary hazards. Home and business owners might want to set up family meetings or training sessions where each individual can learn which pipes are likely to freeze, how to tell if the pipes are frozen and what to do if a pipe bursts. While no water coming out of a faucet might be obvious, even to a child, less conspicuous signs of trouble might be a reduction in water flow or odd noises coming from the pipes. Pipes that haven't been insulated with heating tape might have frost or begin to bulge.

Home and business owners will want to check on their insurance policies before winter sets in. Make sure the policy is up to date and that any regulations for covered damages are complied with ahead of time. Many policies will require the home or business owner to contact a water damage specialist to handle the problem.

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