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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Preventing Fresh Water Damage

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Cincinnati water damage doesn't just come from external flooding. It can also be the result of overwhelmed storm drains that back up into homes and plumbing problems within the home. While people have absolutely no control over the weather, there are steps that can be taken to avoid problems with the water lines under a roof. Here are a few steps that homeowners can take to avoid these types of leaks and minimize the risk of damage to their homes.

Preventive maintenance is worth its cost in the long run. The first place homeowners should look is their water pressure. While solid water pressure is desirable, anything over 80 pounds per square inch, or psi, can lead to problems with fixtures wearing out prematurely. It's a recipe for disaster, but homeowners can avoid the problem by having a regulator added to the main line. As municipalities adjust their water systems to meet a rising demand, it's wise to have the pressure checked periodically to ensure that it remains in the safe range.

Toilet lines are notorious for breaking, and people don't always notice a slow drip that's hidden behind the toilet. Depending on where the water decides to roll, it could easily go between the wall and the floor where it will rot the wood, delaminate the floor, and cause extensive damage. When cleaning the bathroom, the supply line should be wiped down and checked for leaks.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or sump pump back ups.

People should also make the switch to steel braided supply lines that are less prone to failure. The rubber hoses feeding a washing machine should also be replaced with steel braided lines.

Every supply line in the home should have an independent shut-off valve near the fixture. This may be the current code, but many older homes need to be upgraded. It only costs a small amount to upgrade these fittings to quarter-turn valves that are more reliable and easy to use. If a leak develops between the valve and the fixture, it's easy to shut it down and prevent water damage.

Prevent a backup from the toilet by making sure every family member knows the cardinal rule of flushing. That is that the toilet should only be flushed once. If it doesn't work, then there's a problem that must be addressed either through plunging, snaking, or a new, more effective toilet.

Finally, homeowners are encouraged to look under their sinks regularly. This is a common area for hidden leaks, and it can lead to extensive damage. Some people will even place plastic bins below the plumbing in this area so that any water leaks will be contained. Following these steps will help homeowners keep their bills down and their homes safe.

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