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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Preventing Water Damage In The Home

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Water damage occurs when stagnant water resides within the interior of a home, traps in moisture and causes mold or rot. There are a number of ways a home can accumulate water damage, and homeowners should be aware of the obvious signs of water damage so they can prevent any serious problems from occurring in the future. If there are any signs of mold or rot, homeowners should contact a Cincinnati water damage professional for expert advice and repairs.

There are many obvious signs to look for when searching for water damage within a home. The best way to avoid the need for repairs is through routine inspections and prevention. These steps should help homeowners locate and prevent water damage before it's too late.

Always inspect the exterior of the roof. If there are missing shingles, or smooth, dark patches on the roof, this could indicate a leak and should be repaired immediately. Also, cleaning gutters thoroughly will prevent any blockage and allow the gutters to serve their purpose. Gutters can become clogged with debris and granules, making them unable to do their job which causes water to overflow into areas that it shouldn't. Also, all gutters should be directed away from the house to ensure that water does not enter the basement or foundation of the home.

Strategically place plants away from the house. By doing this, homeowners can prevent root growth from disrupting septic tanks or piping which can cause leaks or flooding to the home.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

Certain trees or shrubs are known for having invasive root growth, and researching which ones that are safe to plant next to the house will save homeowners time and money.

Check the interior of the home for any water stains or leaks. These are usually found within the attic or around appliances such as washing machines or water heaters. If there are small cracks or spaces within the ceiling of the attic that allow light to show through, this usually is a sign of roof leaks. These can easily be repaired by a professional, and if caught early can prevent serious damage to the interior of the home.

Lastly, checking the water bill can indicate whether or not a home has any type of water damage or leaks. If the water bill is suspiciously high, this usually means there is an unknown overflow of water. This is usually one of the first indicators of water damage.

Ultimately, homeowners can prevent water damage through routine inspections and leak repairs. The signs are easy to spot and are usually quick and cost efficient fixes. A homeowner should always contact a water damage professional if they are unsure of how to repair or indicate any type of water damage.

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