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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Replacing Water Damaged Building Materials

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After experiencing severe water damage, it might be necessary to replace certain building materials inside a home. The following advice from a Cincinnati water damage specialist will help homeowners know when replacing building materials is required.

Ceiling tiles that have received only moderate water damage can normally be dried out and reused. This may not be possible whenever there has been a burst pipe in the ceiling or tiles have become completely soaked. Likewise, tiles that are affected by mold should also be replaced.

Wallboard may generally be dried out with a heater or fan. Even so, it may need to be removed if there are signs of mold or the wall appears swollen or bowed. Wallpaper should also be removed if it is peeling or flaking.

When removing wallboard, it is important to inspect any insulation that is behind it. Insulation that is even slightly wet must be removed and thrown away because it is nearly impossible to dry it completely. An electrician should inspect any wiring behind soaked insulation as well to ensure it is safe to operate.

Laminated wood flooring might buckle after becoming submersed in water. It can also cause water to remain against the sub-floor, which could in turn rot.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding sump pump back ups or flooding damage.

As a precautionary measure, wood flooring should be removed so that the surface underneath can completely dry. This may take several days to accomplish.

When it comes to carpeting, the biggest factor that will determine whether or not it can be salvaged is the length of time that it has been waterlogged. When carpeting is cleaned right away, the odds of saving the rug and padding underneath it are much greater. If more than two or three days have elapsed, chances are it will need to be removed and thrown away.

Vinyl and ceramic floor tiles are extremely waterproof and can normally be saved. Homeowners should remove any standing water from them as soon as possible and replace any tiles that appear to be buckled or coming loose from the sub-floor.

Any building materials that are retained after an incidence of water damage should be properly cleaned. The preferred method is to use a commercial grade sporicide. This product will eliminate mold spores and fungi that are too small to see with the naked eye. If not properly treated, they can multiply and eventually make the home unsafe to inhabit.

Removing severely damaged building materials is something no homeowner enjoys doing, even though it can be very necessary at times. Getting rid of damaged materials is required if a complete restoration is going to be performed.

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