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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Residential Water Damage

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Water damage can be financially devastating if the source of the damage is not found and dealt with quickly. While there are many different reasons why water damage occurs within a home, a Cincinnati water damage expert may be able to help a homeowner locate the source of a leak. Once it is located, it may be possible to take steps to resolve the problem.

Attics and basements are two common areas in a home that may hold excess moisture. After a large rainstorm, basements may flood, which can lead to mold growth and an attractive area for bugs and other pests to breed. Therefore, an individual may notice the effects of excess moisture or standing water even if the water is not directly causing the damage.

An attic tends to be moist because hot air in the home will rise and can become trapped in an attic that doesn't have proper ventilation. Additionally, attics may collect water if there is a leak in the roof or problems with gutters or downspouts that force the water back into that part of the home. Over time, the water can soak through floorboards, drywall and insulation inside of an interior wall.

If a toilet is clogged, it may not flush properly and could cause water to spill out of the toilet and into the bathroom.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

In extreme cases, it could release enough water to weaken the floor below and leak into any rooms below it. In the event that someone forgets to turn off the sink or bathtub, those could overflow and start to leak to the floors below the kitchen or bathroom.

When water collects near the foundation, it could slowly leak into the house without an individual realizing it. If you notice that your downspouts are clogged or obstructed, have them cleaned right away. Otherwise, water will pool right near the foundation. Should a home not have gutters, they should be installed right away. Failing to put gutters on a home could result in basements becoming flooded.

During the winter months, it is important to make sure that the temperature in the home stays above freezing. If it doesn't, a frozen pipe may crack or burst, which could cause damage within the home. To prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to keep the heat on in the home even if you are gone or drain the pipes to ensure the broken pipe is all that you have to worry about.

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