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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Restoration Work Required After Flood

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It's true that water has the power to sustain life, but it also has the power to destroy. When homeowners are dealing with a flood, they often see the initial damage, including the ruined furniture, damaged electronics and peeling wallpaper. However, the structural damage can go far beyond what's seen by the naked eye. Here's a more comprehensive list of the damage that may have to be addressed. Cincinnati water damage crews can provide homeowners with the help they need to restore their home.

Water has the amazing ability to soak into drywall and travel in an upwards direction. People can expect to have drywall replaced at least a foot above the actual water line. The longer the standing water remains in place, the higher the damage will go. If walls are insulated, then the insulation will also have to be removed and the cavity thoroughly dried before the new materials are put in place.

Any wood cabinets or furniture can swell up with the extra moisture. Once the standing water is gone, fans and dehumidifiers can be used to pull out this moisture. The wood may shrink back to its original shape, or it may have to be replaced. This determination will be made after running the machines for several days.

Wood floors and carpeting have their own challenges. While carpets will typically dry out, the padding below will not.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or fire and water cleanup.

Additionally, carpets are prone to delamination in floods. Wood floors may settle back into position and be salvaged, but care should be taken with any laminate floors. These floors are typically installed over plastic, and that plastic can trap moisture and lead to mold growth later. Even if a laminated floor looks okay at first glance, it should probably be replaced.

Wiring must be looked at closely to see if it was exposed to excessive moisture or standing water. Any circuits that were submerged will become a fire hazard and should be replaced. If the flooded area included the utility room, then any appliances should be professionally inspected and possibly cleaned before use. This includes deep freezers, washers and dryers, hot water heaters and furnaces.

It will take some time to get a home back in order, but it can be restored with the right help. Professionals know how to address the structural damage, and they can also provide assistance with the initial cleanup. Once the damage is addressed and the home is back in order, people may want to consider the events and see if there are steps that can be taken to avoid another flood. In some cases, a sump pump or other protective measure may be recommended to avoid damage in the future.

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