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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Signs Indicating Water Damage

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One of the most difficult household problems that a residential property owner may face is water damage. However, detecting the presence of water damage early is a great way to limit damages, avoid restoration costs and preserve sanity. Once you recognize signs of water damage, you can contact a professional team of restoration specialists to eradicate the problem and restore your property.

As a Cincinnati Water Damage specialist will tell you, one of the most prevalent indications of excess water on your property is odors. When excess water begins to accumulate in your wood, it will start to rot. The end result of rotting wood is an earthy odor. Additionally, water damage can result in the accumulation of mold on your property. The mold will give off a musty odor.

Another sign of water damage that residential property owners should be aware of is fuzzy growths. If you note the presence of fuzzy growths on your property, it is likely mold spores. These mold spores can begin to thrive and proliferate in moist environments.

In many cases, property impacted by water damage will give rise to discolorations and stains.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or sump pump back ups.

If you note dark or brownish stains in your ceiling, this is a good indication that a leak is present. Additionally, floors and walls may become discolored as a result of water damage. If you note any of these signs, you should immediately check the vicinity for a water leak.

Yet another sign of water damage is a peeling or blistering wall surface. When water invades your wall material, your paint can begin to lose adhesion and then separate. This process can entail peeling or blistering. Plaster, wallpaper, and all other materials covering your wall can be subjected to the same deterioration.

One final sign of water damage that you should be aware of is damaged floors. Floors that demonstrate signs of cracking and buckling have typically been subjected to water damage. In some cases, water damage will result in the floor curving at its edges.

Although noting signs of water damage on your property can time-consuming, addressing the issue immediately is the best way to resolve the problem and restore your property. Whenever you note signs of water damage, you should immediately call a team of professional water remediation specialists. These individuals will use a wide range of restoration services to prevent secondary water damage and return your property to its original sanitary, safe condition.

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