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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Signs Of Water Damage

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Water is an insidious force. The initial damage it causes isn't too great, sometimes including a few stains, wet marks and occasional odors. However, the real threat comes after the initial damage has been done, when mold begins to grow in the dark places of a home and decay sets in. This weakens the structure of the home and puts those that live within at risk.

If water damage has occurred to a home, perhaps after a major storm or a burst pipeline, Cincinnati water damage experts should be called immediately. An expert can evaluate the damage to a home and make an educated estimate on how extensive the damage may be, as well as what the repair costs may be. Experts will also know how to go about beginning the repairs.

However, homeowners should know what to look for when dealing with water damage. One of the primary hints that water damage has occurred is a water stain. The brown, damp area on the ceiling or wall is a symptom of damage, often due to a leak in the roof. A homeowner should look for missing shingles after major storms to ensure the roof isn't leaking. A stain doesn't necessarily occur where the damage is located; water can run along the inside of the roof and drip down into another location.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding sump pump back ups or flooded basements.

Another sign of water damage is a foul odor. This is caused by the growth of mildew and mold within the walls, where the water takes a much longer time to dry out. Saturated insulation, exposed electrical wires and other hidden threats can put a home at risk as a result. If mold growth is detected, a professional should be contacted immediately. The homeowner should never attempt to clear it on their own.

A third sign of damage is the sound of water. If constant dripping is heard, but no faucets are on, it can indicate wet areas within the walls or the foundation. Listen closely and try to determine where the sound originates.

After a storm or other major event that causes water damage, the homeowner should open the doors and windows to encourage ventilation and help dry out the area. If rooms have been flooded, remove all valuables and electronics from them after shutting off power to the area, and contact a water damage restoration expert as soon as possible. Preventative action can go a long way toward saving a home from even further damage.

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