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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Spotting Water Damage

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Undetected water damage can ruin a home. When shopping for a new home, especially an older one, it is imperative to search for signs of water damage as soon as possible. There may be damage because the previous owner failed to recognize it, or the house may have sat empty for a long time. Whatever the reason, the sooner water damage is found; the sooner it can be fixed. If any signs of water damage are detected, contact a Cincinnati water damage contractor immediately.

Perhaps one of the clearest signs of water damage is water stains. They are easily recognizable by the telltale brown blotching they leave behind. If stains are found in a prospective home, have a professional check it out to make sure the problem has been fixed.

Crumbling window frames, baseboards and moldings can also indicate water damage. It could be that the wood crumbled from prior infiltration and was never repaired, or it could indicate a current problem that requires resolution. As far as window frames are concerned, the seals may have worn and the windows need to be replaced. If water damaged is concentrated solely around the windows, this is a likely answer.

Buckling floors are another clear warning of prior water damage.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or sump pump back ups.

This buckling is usually visible, but walking across a damaged floor will give it away even if it can't be seen. Buckled walls and floors are not necessarily a sign of a current problem as they could be the result of a past flood. However, it is best to have a professional inspect the damage.

Sometimes water damage can lurk inside the walls or under the flooring where it isn't visible. Mold often grows where this happens. Mold spores are toxic, and can be especially dangerous to young children or the elderly who have weaker immune systems. If strong musky odors are detected, seek professional help immediately. If it can't be fixed easily, it would be better not to buy the house. For a home that is already occupied, it may be necessary to relocate temporarily until the problem can be addressed.

Although these suggestions are mainly directed at those seeking to buy a new house, they are applicable for any situation. The effects can be serious when water damage is left untreated. A regular inspection should be made once a year to catch leaks and other problems before it turns into serious water damage.

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