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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Standing Water

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Although homeowners may be aware of the damage that water can cause to a property, they may not realize that it only takes a small amount of water to lead to serious problems. It may be a good idea to call a Cincinnati water damage professional regardless of how much standing water is present. A professional can do an initial assessment of the property to determine where the water is coming from and how to fix the problem.

In some cases, it may be necessary pack out a home to truly diagnose the extent of any water damage that may exist in a home. This is because mold, mildew and other spores can hide in drywall, insulation and wooden beams that may be hidden by interior walls. Even if there is only a small amount of water present, it could still wick up a wall or seep through the home's foundation.

Homeowners should call a restoration professional if there is any standing water. This is because many surfaces may be salvaged if they are allowed to dry within a short period of time. If water is allowed to persist for more than 48 hours, then walls, carpets and appliances may need to be completely replaced. Although replacing most surfaces is a relatively easy undertaking, the cost of doing so could be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or sump pump back ups.

Furthermore, it is possible that any mold that grows on the walls can release toxins that could make it difficult to breathe. Children, the elderly or those with poor immune systems could find themselves in the hospital with minimal exposure to these toxins. Although mold and other spores may be easy to clean off a wall, they will return quickly unless tended to by a professional.

If standing water is allowed to remain in a basement, it could lead to cracks in the foundation, which could put the entire home in danger of being unstable. The whole home could slide off its foundation and need to be completely rebuilt. Getting rid of standing water in the basement can make it easier to seal cracks or otherwise strengthen the foundation.

Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or insects that carry diseases. Mosquitoes thrive in warm and moist conditions and can quickly overwhelm a home. Homeowners are also advised to drain pools and standing water in the lawn as these are other locations where mosquitoes like to lay eggs and otherwise be a burden to a homeowner.

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