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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Take Out Water Spots

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Water stains are one of the best ways to make a house seem old and run down. The grungy rings and outlines can cause even a clean and well kept room seem old. They are also a sign of a serious problem that, if left unaddressed, can result in devastating damage to the home. Thankfully, once the source of moisture is removed, these stains are easy to cover.

The first step, of course, is to stop the flow of water. In some cases, it may be best to call a Cincinnati water damage contractor. Once the leak has been fixed, use a pump to remove any standing water and then place a fan to dry the area completely. Next, inspect the area for any structural damage. If the wall or ceiling is sound, the water stains can easily be fixed.

Start by cleaning the area with a solution of one part bleach and three parts water. Lightly scrub at the stain without applying too much water to the area. The bleach will help to kill any mold or mildew spores that may be living in the drywall, in addition to cleaning the area.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or sump pump back ups.

Of course, if mold has already begun to grow, it's best to call an inspector. Some types of growth are toxic and need to be removed by professionals. After washing the area with bleach water, allow it to dry completely before continuing with the primer.

Choose a good stain-blocking primer that contains acrylic and alkyd. This will provide extra protection from any bleed-through. Some of these primers are even available in spray cans that can easily coat textured ceilings and other difficult surfaces. Regular rollers and brushes work well for applying the stain-blocking primer to walls.

Finish the area with two coats of paint, again waiting for each application to dry before continuing. It's a good idea to keep some extra paint to match paint used on all of the walls and ceilings in a home. It comes in handy for touch-ups and fixes like this. If no extra paint is available, most paint mixing shops can match the shade if a sample is brought in.

Once the underlying problem has been fixed, most water stains are easy to fix. Removing the stains from the ceiling or the rings from a floor can transform a room, making it feel more fresh and maintained. It's an afternoon job that can make a major transformation.

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