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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About The Danger Of Sewer Water

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Any type of sewer backup is considered a serious emergency and hazard, due to the risk of bacterial contamination. Special precautions must be taken to protect the workers, and there is a specific decontamination process that will be used to make the space habitable again. Here is what homeowners should know about Cincinnati water damage caused by sewer backups.

Gray water is defined as used water that does not have feces in it. It can come from overflowing dishwashers, a toilet that overflows with only urine and water inside, or a shower backup. While this water may not initially have too many contaminants in it, the condition will degrade quickly if not addressed.

Black water is any water that is known to be contaminated. This includes water that rises up from flooding rivers or streams, from beyond the toilet trap, and from the sewer lines outside of homes. Even if the water looks reasonably clear as it's forced into the home, it could have dangerous contaminants lurking inside.

Protective equipment like gloves, rubber pants, and boots can be used to keep people safe from the bacteria, but this isn't the only threat.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or sump pump back ups.

As the water moves throughout the area, it picks up and dislodges items. Glass that was only safely on a shelf can wind up broken on the floor where it may easily cut through a rubber boot. Construction debris and garbage can float unchecked and wind up in unexpected areas.

In most cases, workers won't enter these areas until the water can either recede on its own or be pumped out. This improves visibility and reduces the risk of stepping on dangerous items. While the standing water can be pulled out with extractors and dehumidifiers will be used to bring down humidity levels, the bacteria will often remain lodged in every surface the water touched. While bleach can safely be used on many hard surfaces, there are several others that will have to be removed and replaced. This includes carpeting, upholstered items, clothing, papers, and drywall.

The professionals know how to properly clean and disinfect a space so that homeowners won't have to worry about the threat of bacterial infections. The damage can be extensive, and this work is best left to professionals like Griffin Contracting and Restoration. Most homeowners won't have the safety equipment or skills necessary to effectively test, clean, and restore areas that have gone through a sewer backup.

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