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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About The Threat Of Water Damage

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It's devastating to see part of a home flooded by water, but the potential damage doesn't stop with the initial high water mark. It's important to start addressing the problem as soon as possible because water tends to spread and travel and can cause extensive damage. Cincinnati water damage companies are typically available seven days a week so that the problem can be addressed as soon as possible.

Anyone who's survived a flood has seen the impressive movement of water through wicking. Failure to immediately remove a few inches of standing water on the floor can lead to damage higher up in the room. This threat is minimized by bringing in sump pumps or extraction machines to eliminate the feet or inches of water that may be present.

Weather patterns outside involve a regular cycle of evaporation, condensation and rain. Inside a home with standing water, similar patterns can begin. Water will evaporate with the heat of the day, but the moisture will remain in the room. As the day settles, it condensates on the upper areas and then fall back down.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or flooding damage.

This constant cycle of moisture and humidity can lead to damaged ceiling fans and fixtures that were not initially damaged.

Water will follow the easiest path, and that means that it will go behind walls, into furniture and throughout a living space. Extraction will work for standing water, but dehumidifiers and fans should be used to dry up the residual moisture that can be trapped in a floor or wood cabinets.

One of the biggest concerns with water is the growth of mold later. Any area that cannot be exposed to fresh air and be properly dried is at risk for mold. This includes insulation in wall cavities, the spaces behind and below cabinets and around other fixtures. Even if household appliances and furniture can be saved, they should still be moved to promote thorough drying.

Dangerous bacteria may be present in any space where the sewers have backed up or exterior floodwaters have entered the home. These require special attention to deodorize and disinfect the space. Professionals are ready to handle this difficult chore with special cleaning tools and supplies.

Rather than struggling with a cleanup on their own, homeowners are encouraged to enlist the services of a professional restoration company to help with water damage. They can assist with everything from the initial water removal to any structural repairs.

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