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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Time Frame For Water Damage Restoration

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Knowing what to expect with a restoration job can take some of the stress out of the process. The repairs will not and cannot happen overnight, but a reputable Cincinnati water damage team will work to finish the job promptly. Homeowners can also take a few steps themselves to help move the process along and make the job easier for everyone.

Nothing can be done until the storm passes, the water recedes or sewer lines open up. Before this point, the worksites are generally too dangerous. While it may not be possible to get someone out to the home right away, residents can remove what personal property they're able to safety reach and get it into dry areas of the home.

The first few days of a job will focus on drying out the area and removing damaged materials. In addition to coming in occasionally to run extractors, the contractors will also have dehumidifiers and fans going to eliminate the humidity. Mold is a constant threat as long as the humidity levels remain high, so people can expect to have these machines running 24 hours a day. Specialized equipment is used, so it's completely safe for the systems to run continuously.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding sump pump back ups or flooded basements.

They're also strategically placed to get air moving through a space, so they should not be moved or blocked.

Dehumidifiers work by pulling moisture out of the air, so the last thing residents want is to introduce is more moisture by opening doors or windows. In general, the damaged area should be isolated as much as possible to encourage drying and pull moisture out of the building materials. In general, these machines will run for several days, up to a week or even longer. The restoration work can only begin when the space has been completely dried and disinfected.

Some damage is readily visible, but latent damage is a concern. Contractors know what warning signs to watch for, and they'll handle the potential problems today to avoid issues in the future.

Once the restoration process begins, the time frame depends on the extent of the damage and how flexible the owner's schedules are. Damage that's limited to the basement may be addressed and handled in a matter of days, especially if the owner can arrange to be available throughout the week. If the damage is more extensive, with the need for electrical repairs and other structural work, then the job could take a few weeks to a month or longer. Homeowners can review the timeline with the contractor so that they can make informed decisions about living arrangements.

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