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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Types Of Dehumidifiers

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After water damage has occurred, one of the biggest parts of the restoration process is using a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air before refinishing the room. Any Cincinnati water damage contractor will have a high-quality commercial dehumidifier for use, but there are also a range of other dehumidifiers available at retailers for homeowners to purchase on their own.

Heat pump dehumidifiers are the most common type homeowners will see. These can be priced anywhere from $100 on up depending on the size of the space they are designed to work in. In addition, some of them are designed to be portable so they can be moved from one room to another on wheels. They operate by pulling in air from the house and running it across a very cold coil. This change in temperature allows the moisture to condense at the coil, while the remaining dry air passes through and is reheated before returning to the room. This type of system is very useful in hot, humid climates and especially in basements where mold is likely to grow.

Aside from heat pump dehumidifiers, there are also chemical absorbent dehumidifiers. This type of device uses small silica desiccant crystals to absorb moisture from the inside air. These crystals are then cycled around to the outside where they are dried by outdoor air that picks up the moisture.

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Another method contains a bed of desiccant crystals that has small chambers allowing moist air to flow one way through, and dry air to flow the other way so that the crystals stay in one place, but the air is routed in different directions. These systems can be slightly cheaper than a heat pump system; however, their efficiency can be questionable. This is because the more moisture there is in the air on both sides, the less room the crystals have for absorbing, so the crystals may not be drying out enough on the vent side to actually take on any more water once they get back to the inside air. In some cases the desiccant crystals will have to be replaced to return the dehumidifier to its original operational efficiency.

For bathrooms and closets, some manufacturers offer dehumidifiers in a small jar. They use the same silica desiccant crystals to absorb moisture, but once they are full they can be disposed of and replaced inexpensively. This is a helpful product for parts of the house that are susceptible to mold but don't require the use of a large scale dehumidifier.

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