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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Wall Repairs

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After a flood has affected a home, experienced Cincinnati water damage experts will take care to remove the standing water and then assess the residual damage that has been left behind. Much of the damage that occurs in the aftermath of a flood is only visible once all that water has been removed. One of the biggest effects that flood waters have is saturation of the home's structural supports, including the flooring and walls. These must be completely dried out so that the restoration experts can decide if the wood and sheet rock are salvageable or if the homeowner needs to have them replaced.

Passive ventilation is insufficient at drying out thick materials like walls. Even opening all of the windows and doors in a house is not enough to remove all the moisture left behind from a flood. Open windows also allow mold spores to get into the house, setting up a situation in which toxic molds may begin growing on any organic surface.

Mechanical ventilation is essential for thoroughly drying out a house that has experienced a flood.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or flooding damage.

No matter if it was a burst water pipe or a sudden flash flood from a storm, the flood waters seep deeply into a home's walls, saturating the drywall, gypsum boards and insulation. Just opening up a window and hoping for the best will not get the walls dried out before they start to crumble or a mold infestation takes place.

Restoration experts have powerful fans that can be brought to a home that has flooded. These fans can dry out a house within a few hours or days depending on how much water got into the structure. If a wall can be completely dried out within about two to four hours, then it should be structurally sound enough to continue bearing a load. Total removal of the water within a couple of hours is usually fast enough to halt the growth of mold. To further protect against the onset of mold growth, the restoration workers may apply a mold retardant paint or cleansing solution to the walls.

In situations when it takes a few days to dry out all the water and humidity left behind from a flood, or when the flood is not discovered for several days, then restoration professionals often recommend replacing the drywall or gypsum board. This is also true if the home has walls constructed from plaster and lathe. When water saturates the walls, it causes the materials to expand, which weakens their structures.

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