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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Water Damage On Electrical Systems

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When water damage occurs within a home, it can wreak havoc with electrical systems and components. Homeowners may need to call a Cincinnati water damage company that may be able to use tactics such as bioremediation to help return a home to its previous condition. Otherwise, almost all electrical wires, outlets and other parts may need to be removed from the home and replaced with new material.

After a flood or any other major water event occurs, homeowners should be on the lookout for any exposed wires or wires that may be submerged in standing water. This is because water and electricity together can be hazardous for a person and can lead to serious injury or death due to electrocution.

Exposed wires can be dangerous, and they can shock an individual who touches them, even if they are not making contact with water. Typically, a professional will turn off the electricity to a home prior to inspecting any electrical components for water damage.

This significantly reduces the odds that an active wire can harm anyone inspecting them. When an electrical wire has made contact with water or excess moisture, the insulation that covers the wire may be compromised. It may flake or completely come off of the wire.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

After an inspection, it may be determined that an electric wire or other component has not been exposed to water and is safe to use again. It may also be determined that a component that has been exposed to water has not suffered significant damage and is safe to use. Generally, any wire that has been exposed to water will be replaced, as it could still short or otherwise stop working after it dries out.

However, if said component has been submerged in sewage or other dirty water, it may have to be replaced even if it is in good condition. This is because pathogens and other contaminants lingering on a wire or electrical connection could spread throughout the rest of the home.

Additionally, if the event that an electrical component has experienced mold or mildew growth, it may need to be removed immediately, as it can be difficult to impossible to remove completely. Mold is notorious for its ability to both spread throughout a home and for its ability to pollute the air inside of a home. Therefore, it is generally better and safer in the long run to eradicate it, even if doing so costs more.

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