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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Water Damage Restoration Steps

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When floods hit the area, Cincinnati water damage can be extensive. Even with sump pumps in place, failures can still happen and leave a house exposed to flood waters. When a family goes through a flood for the first time, they may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. However, knowing what the methodical process for restoration is can help set people at ease.

When the flooding first begins, homeowners may be able to remove their personal property from the affected rooms. If the situation is not safe, then they will have to wait until the flood waters start to recede before they can see about salvaging items.

A renovation company should be called as soon as possible so that the homeowners can get a timely appointment. In the case of widespread flooding, it's normal for these contractors to fall behind, so people should not wait to make the call. The insurance company should also be contacted to find out if there is any coverage available to help with the damages.

Once the storms stop and the sewers are working again, it's time to start extracting the water. Sump pumps are used when there are more than a few inches of standing water. As the level falls, powerful vacuum extractors can be utilized to remove moisture from the carpeting and other areas.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or flooded basements.

Once the standing water and puddles are gone, dehumidifiers and fans are put in place to address the residual moisture.

Furniture and belongings will be moved throughout the process. Ideally, they'll be taken out to an independent company to be dried and sanitized. As items are carried out, the homeowners and contractors can survey the damage to see if the piece can be saved or if it should be replaced. In some cases, the furnishings or belongings will be left onsite but moved to an unaffected room so that the work can progress more efficiently.

As the area dries, it becomes easier to see what must be replaced. The list typically includes flooring, some wiring and sheetrock. A moisture meter may be used to determine how high up the wall is affected, and only the damaged areas will be replaced.

Contractors will work directly with the homeowners to determine if they want the same building materials used or if they will be making any changes. It's common for owners to eliminate carpeting in a basement and switch to some type of hard flooring after a flood. They may also choose to install wainscoting or paneling instead of drywall in some cases. The restoration professionals will work to put the room back in great condition while giving the homeowners a new look that they'll appreciate. In the end, it can be transformed into an entirely new space that's attractive and fully functional.

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