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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Water Damage Signs

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While water may be essential for humans to survive, it can be quite damaging when it comes to the home. If allowed to soak into the wood, the wood will deteriorate quickly and cause structural damage. Mold can also become a big problem within the home, especially for occupants with respiratory issues. Homeowners should always be on the lookout for signs of water damage and call on a Cincinnati water damage repair company as soon as problems arise.

Certain areas of the home are more prone to experiencing water damage. For instance, the basement can be susceptible to flooding during a rainstorm even if the home is not located in a flood area. When roofs leak, the water that enters can damage the rafters or sheathing and may start dripping to the ceilings in the rooms below. Water damage is also likely to occur around windows and doors and areas that have water pipes. These are the most important places to look at when doing a quick inspection for water damage.

The first thing to look for is water stains. Most often, these show up on the ceiling as an irregularly-shaped brown line or as a discolored area. It may be more likely to show up where the ceiling meets the wall, but they can just as easily appear in the middle of the ceiling. A homeowner may also notice water stains on the walls or in the wood of the attic.

The water damage experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati OH can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or fire and water cleanup.

These will look more like a discoloration rather than a line. In the basement, a line along the wall could mean that the basement had been flooded and that standing water was allowed to sit there for an extended period of time.

A homeowner should also look for signs of wood damage. Wet areas could cause dry rot spores to grow and rot the wood. This might mean that the wood is softer and that it could be crumbling. Wood that has soaked up water expands, so it's also common to see water-damaged wood that's swollen.

When it comes to the areas that aren't visible, there can be a telltale smell. Basements are often musty, but if this smell is found in different areas of the home, it's a sure sign that there's been some type of water leak and that mold is growing. This typically happens when there is a slow leak in a pipe inside the walls.

It is important that homeowners not ignore any of these signs. A water damage remediation company can inspect the property for damage and help the homeowner make a decision about what needs to be done. In most cases, it's only a matter of replacing the damaged area after the source of the problem has been resolved.

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