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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Water Mitigation

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Sometimes, water damage can be mitigated. When the forecast calls for a severe storm and expected flooding, water mitigation can reduce the amount of damage done to a home and its contents. Additionally, water mitigation can help stem the damage from plumbing failures if they're taken quickly after the problem is detected.

Cincinnati water damage experts warn that the first 48 hours after water damage occurs are the most important for preserving valuable objects. Seeping water damage is especially progressive, and the longer it goes untreated, the less likely it is that items will be salvageable. The most common cause for home water damage in the United States is a plumbing problem.

As soon as a plumbing problem or other flood damage is detected, shut off the water source. Closing the water main may be necessary in some cases, especially if the source of the flooding isn't immediately apparent. Turn off electricity in areas that have been damaged by water. Only unplug electronics and remove them from the area after the electricity has been turned off. Shocks or damage to those devices may result, otherwise.

Lift curtains, draperies and other hanging fabrics away from standing water or soaked carpet. If any furniture in the area has fabric or upholstered skirts, tack them so that they're out of the way of the water.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements or fire and water cleanup.

If they can be removed and reattached easily, that may be a better option. Any items that are colored with ink or dye, such as clothing, shoes and books, can stain wet carpet. They should be removed as soon as possible. Carpet can often be dried and saved from water damage, but staining may become permanent.

Avoid using a home vacuum to remove water. In wet areas, the use of electrical appliances can result in significant shocks. Also avoid laying newspaper in wet areas to walk on. As with books, the print ink can stain carpet fibers permanently. In fact, it's best to limit contact with wet carpet as much as possible in order to limit the spread of damage.

Mitigating the damage water causes is essential in the first 48 hours to salvage a home's contents, but it's not a complete solution to water damage. Drying equipment is often ineffective at preventing water from wicking up walls or seeping into baseboards and molding. Untreated water damage can spread to rooms above and below the site of the original damage, and areas that weren't affected by the original source can become excessively moist if humidity isn't controlled.

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