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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About Water Pipes

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One of the most common sources of water damage inside homes is burst pipes. Water pipes burst for a variety of different reasons. As water cools and approaches its freezing point, the volume of that water expands, and this can cause the pressure within a frozen pipe to rise drastically to the point where it will rupture the pipe. Freezing is the most common cause for burst water pipes. A Cincinnati water damage remediation company can help remove the flooding that results from burst water pipes and can remove any standing pockets of moisture once the flood is contained.

In warmer months, an obstruction anywhere in the water system of a home can cause pressure within the rest of the system to rise, leading to pipe breakage. Older water pipes are most at risk for bursting. Water pipes are also most likely to burst along weaker joints made of plastic.

While some burst pipes will originate outside the home, many will originate within the building. Homeowners need to be able to identify the valves in the interior of their homes that are associated with their water supply, so if a burst pipe does occur, the flow of water can be turned off easily. These valves are most often located in the basement or on a wall near the front of the structure near the point where the municipal water pipe enters the property.

The water restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding flooding damage or sump pump back ups.

In addition, homeowners can take steps to prevent water pipes from freezing. A variety of commercial pipe lagging products are available to insulate outdoor pipes and taps. It's particularly important in cold climates to make ensure that joints, bends and plastic components are insulated. Chronic leaks will exacerbate the buildup of pressure within pipes, so it's important to fix any dripping faucets or other leaks before the onset of colder weather.

Temperatures inside a home should be maintained to at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit during any cold spells. This should supply sufficient conductive warmth to minimize the risks of a burst pipe. It's also important to make sure warm air can circulate to any colder parts of the house, particularly those parts of the house where water pipes are located.

If a homeowner will be out of town for any prolonged period of time, it might be wise to turn off the water valve and drain any standing water in the interior pipes by opening the faucets, running out any water and then turning off the faucets once again.

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