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Cincinnati Water Damage: Article About When Water Damage Occurs

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Property that has suffered water damage due to flooding, a storm, or a serious roof leak has to be treated promptly and expertly. The homeowner faced with soaked furniture, ruined books, and a warped floor should immediately call on a Cincinnati water damage professional get them out to survey the property as soon as possible. The next step, even before starting to clean up, is to call the insurance company and start a file on the damage.

There are a few things the owner can do before the arrival of the pros. The first thing that has to be done is to assess the house for safety issues. The owner needs to make sure that the electricity to the house has been turned off because electronics and appliances that are plugged in and submerged can cause a severe shock.

Ceilings should be surveyed for any sagging because this can indicate that the structure has been weakened. If the ceilings are drooping, the owner should not go in the house. If the residence has standing water, anyone who checks it out after 24 hours have passed should wear a surgical mask in order to avoid breathing in mold spores.

The water damage restoration experts at Griffin Contracting and Restoration of Cincinnati can assist you with any questions regarding fire and water cleanup or sump pump back ups.

Every homeowner should have a wet-vac handy for water disasters. Using towels, mops, and a wet-vac, shallow water can be removed from the home. If the water is over a foot deep, however, a professional team will be required to remove it. Any area rugs should be taken outside to dry, but the owner should expect that they will probably need professional cleaning. Furniture can be raised on blocks, and if no wood blocks are available, aluminum foil works very well to stop furniture from staining wall-to-wall carpeting.

Wood furniture does not mix well with water. Wood furniture should be wiped down with a clean cloth and, if possible, taken outside to dry. All small, personal objects like art and photos should be cleared out of the rooms that will need restoration work. If books have gotten wet, open them and let them air dry. Use any and all fans available. Ceiling fans, floor fans, and desk top fans are all fine, just as long as the air circulates. A dehumidifier can also be effective.

The homeowner should document the damage to the home and its contents with photos so the insurance company will be able to see what the initial damages were. Photos should be taken of every single thing that is damaged.

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