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Griffin Contracting and Restoration is the leading choice for Kentucky and Ohio homeowners who need help repairing all areas of their homes. Though the company made a name for itself with its strong roofing jobs, including the installation of complete roofing systems and repairing minor problems like curling shingles, it also offers a number of other services for local residents and even provides emergency services. Property owners can just make a simple phone call, speak with a representative and get contractors to the jobsite within a few short hours to take a look at the problem at start figuring out what to do.

Emergency repairs and services are especially important in regards to calls about storm damage and fire damage. A storm can move through the region at any point, and both ice storms and tornadoes are common. Tornadoes can rip roofs off homes and tear off siding, while ice storms can form ice dams that tear off gutters and shingles. Griffin Contracting and Restoration even has experience removing trees from jobsites. The contractors can remove trees that came through a roof during a storm and downed trees in front of homes.

Homeowners may also call after recovering from a fire. Those fires can leave behind the intense odor of smoke and leave the building coated in a thick film of soot. Some homeowners may even have standing water left behind as a result of firefighters trying to put out the blaze. In addition to removing standing water and cleaning soot, Griffin Contracting and Restoration can also seal the home to protect it until work begins. The company also works with homeowners and insurers to file a claim before beginning that work.

Mold remediation is another service offered by the company. Homeowners often have a hard time determining if the mold they see in their home is one of the toxic varieties and what caused the mold to suddenly appear. Even if the mold is inside the walls, in the crawlspace or in another out of the way location, contractors can identify the source and figure out what to do next.

Other services available from Griffin Contracting and Restoration include water and sewage repairs. Contractors use large pumps to remove standing water from basements and other parts of the home, which reduces the risk of water damaging the floors and foundation. All types of services offered by the company are available on an emergency basis to better help local homeowners.

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