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Mold is one of the more common problems affecting homes in the Cincinnati area. Mold spores exist on the inside and on the outside of a home and can pose a very serious health risk. This substance requires some type of water source to grow, which is why homeowners often discover patches in bathrooms and kitchens. A leaky pipe inside a wall or foundation damage can lead to the formation of mold inside walls or in the basement. Griffin Contracting and Restoration knows how to completely remove the substance from a home and exactly what to look for when it comes to searching the home for mold.

While some mold is benign in nature, mold spores can significantly affect those with weakened immune systems or breathing problems, including diabetics and those with asthma. Left untreated, the mold can spread additional spores throughout the house. Those spores can get inside the vacuum cleaner, underneath the cabinets and even sit on the surface of bed linens. As it spreads, the mold can leave residents to cope with red eyes, runny noses, a hacking cough or minor chest pain.

Griffin Contracting and Restoration knows that toxic mold can lead to severe complications. In extremely unfortunate cases, mold may cause residents to be induced into a coma. This is why the company encourages homeowners to call for a mold inspection. Inspecting the home allows contractors to locate and identify any mold growing in the home so that it can be treated accordingly.

The formation of mold can be caused by something as simple as an ordinary water leak. The longer the faucet or plumbing leaks, the more time the mold has to develop. Griffin Contracting and Restoration contractors can get inside of the house, find the leaky plumbing and then fix the leak before the mold has time to spread.

It is especially important that homeowners ensure all mold spores are gone from their homes after uncovering a leak. Any spores left behind can seek out water sources and relocate to other areas within the home. Griffin Contracting and Restoration removes all traces of mold and any spores left behind.

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